System for indoors orientation and guidance


This project is the result of a shared attempt based on the work of many groups of people, all with a common goal, to create a fine and  efficient final product. 

Econais AC was founded in 2008 from 3 engineers with a long international experience in administration and design. The company’s focus is the design and production of internationally pioneering solutions, applicable to the market of Internet of Things. Its products facilitate connections via Wi-Fi (embedded Wi-Fi) with a family of products named WiSmart that consists of flexible, autonomous Wi-Fi subsystems, with an included cpu, powerfull TCP-IP and a complete environment for Software development. The company’s products are sold internationally and its clients use WiSmart providing consumer products and solutions applicable to smart homes, industry etc. The company expands its activities in sectors that are relevant to pinpointing people and items in real time (Real Time Location Systems).

University of Patras is represented by Distributed Systems and Telematics Lab (DSTL). DSTL consists of 9 people (University professors, post Ph. D. students, postgraduate and graduate students) and is one of the 13 labs available in Computer Engineering and Informatics Department (CEID) of University of Patras. The lab provides active search in Next Generation Mobile Networks, Algorithms and Protocols for High Speed Networks, Cross Layer Mechanisms, Network Simulations and trials.

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